CSS3 Background Gradient Patterns

Most of the time we use plain background or a gradient but it may not be appealing so here are some very attractive gradient patterns :) have fun friends.The patterns are created using CSS3 linear-gradients by Lea Verou's (i changed it little for my convenience) from her original post on the topic of building patterns with gradients.

These demos work properly in IE 9 thanks to PIE. They do not work in IE 6-8 due to lack of support for sizing/positioning of linear-gradient as a tiled background.

For the users convenience i have deployed it my server u can directly use this link to access the code http://jbox.co.in/css/gradient.css

These are the patterns i frequently use in the templates i design.its gives a very good look and feel

Joomla Security

An infrastructure is only as secure as its weakest link and as it turns out a vast majority of security issues related to Joomla are not caused by Joomla's core code. Most security issues stem from old unpatched versions of Joomla or insecure, out-of-date and poorly written third-party extensions.

My Joomla Story

I started using JOOMLA since mid 2009.. before that i  tested many  basic blogs and CMS, nothing interested me. I found Drupal little complex in usability and wordpress not that powerful so i was left with joomla and its quite amazing. In the early days i used most of the hacked templates and pro components for my websites ..joomla extension directory has almost all components useful to build and genere website be it simple college,art,personal or a complex social websites.

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